Conway Mill
5-7 Conway St,
Belfast BT13 2DE


02 Aug 2018


07:00 PM

Waiting on a childhood: The Plight of Children on the Housing Waiting List

Belfast is suffering a housing crisis. In communities like the Market and the Lower Ormeau, there are hundreds of people living in states of homelessness while they wait years for social housing. This is an artificially created crisis: in north Belfast, 80% of those on the housing waiting list are from catholic backgrounds. The problem is simple: people need homes and those tasked with providing them won’t build them. In the midst of this inaction, there are children across Belfast waiting their entire childhoods for a home to call their own. Some are living in cramped, damp-ridden conditions. Others are sharing spare rooms in relatives’ houses while their parents sleep on sofas. Still others are waiting indefinitely in emergency accommodation. Childhood is a precious commodity; once it’s gone, you will never get it back. Join us to hear why it is essential that this crisis is resolved without further delay.

Organised by Equality Can’t Wait & Homes Now Campaigns.

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