West Belfast Family Support Hubs


02 Aug 2018


11:00 AM

Screening: Resilience – Adverse Childhood Experiences

Whiterock Children’s Centre and the West Belfast Family Support Hubs invite you to the screening of ‘Resilience’, a film that looks at the long term impact of childhood trauma and explores the findings of the Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACE) study. This study explains how and why those who experience childhood adversity are increasingly likely to develop physical and mental health problems and can find it difficult to learn and/or manage their behaviour. It explains why issues that weigh heavily on society, such as crime, addiction, domestic violence and educational underachievement have their roots in childhood adversity. Relevant for any individual or organisation that works with children or those impacted by childhood adversity.

Organised by Whiterock Children’s Centre and West Belfast Family Support Hubs.

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