Féile Debates and Discussions Committee


St Mary's University College
191 Falls Rd,
Belfast BT12 6FE


04 Aug 2018


01:00 PM - 06:00 PM

PJ McGrory Lecture: The Best Law Firm in the World?

Albie Sachs first visited the offices of the only black law firm then in South Africa, Mandela and Tambo, when he was eighteen and a third-year law student. In the half century that followed Nelson Mandela and Oliver Tambo not only defended legions of the poor, they used their legal and political skills to challenge apartheid inside and outside court and ended up helping to produce what many regard, as the most progressive Constitution in the world. Albie Sachs took part in this long journey and will describe what it was like working with two of the most remarkable lawyers who ever lived.

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