Positive Money NI


St Mary's University College
191 Falls Rd,
Belfast BT12 6FE


02 Aug 2018


03:00 PM

The Magic Money Tree

During the 2017 general election, Theresa May famously said, “There is no Magic Money Tree.” Politicians and economists constantly tell us that there isn’t enough money for health, education, welfare, the community and voluntary sector, small and medium businesses… and yet new money is constantly being created for investment in property and the financial sector. Positive Money NI are a group of citizens who meet monthly in Belfast to educate ourselves about money and economics. Join us for an accessible introduction to the Money Tree and gain an understanding of where money comes from. This will be followed by an open and energetic discussion on why it matters how money is created and how it can be created for the common good.

Organised by Positive Money NI. 

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