06 Jun 2018


08:00 AM - 06:00 PM

Kennedy Centre

John Mallon

The Beauty on our Doorstep.

John Mallon grew up in west Belfast, in his own words he writes about his work:

“There is nowhere in the world I love more. Life takes us on many journeys, some good and others bad. So, after suffering from poor mental health for a number of years and coming very close to ending my life, I made the right choice and asked for help. Shortly after I asked for help I began to go for walks and noticed the beauty all around me. So I decided to buy a camera and try and capture the beauty on our doorstep. I’m very proud to say my work is in many homes all over our planet. and many important buildings also. Through the lens of a camera I have been able to help others suffering from poor mental health”

Contact: 07885982278 /

Venue: Kennedy Centre


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