St Mary's University College
191 Falls Rd,
Belfast BT12 6FE


14 Mar 2018


07:00 PM

The Human Rights Charter should remain, a talk on the human rights impact of Brexit


Brexit not only threatens the Irish economy, north and south, it also poses a threat human rights protection in Ireland, especially the north.The EU Charter of Fundamental Rights will not be retained after Brexit. That is the British government’s intention.

The British government’s intention to reduce rights protection should be of concern to all.

In the Good Friday Agreement (GFA) the two governments pledged to ensure equivalent human rights protection across the island.

The talk will examine the achievements of the EU Human Rights Charter to date; the risks posed by its disappearance; the promises made in the GFA; the UK government’s obligation to ensure that it remains fully aligned with EU law and the possibility of retaining the Charter in the north.

Colin Harvey (Professor of Human Rights Law in QUB) and Mark Bassett (Barrister) and will draw from long-established reputations as human rights advocates to argue for the retention of the Charter in the north.

The event will be chaired by Fionnuala Connelly whose extensive experience includes expert legal knowledge on immigration, human rights, inquests and the EU

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