St Mary's University College
191 Falls Rd,
Belfast BT12 6FE


10 Apr 2018


09:30 AM

GFA | 20 years on – A community reflects…

Keynote Speakers: Gerry Adams, Bertie Ahern & Simon Coveney TD

2018 marks the 20th anniversary of the Good Friday Agreement and the 30th anniversary of Féile an Phobail. Many good things have emerged including ground breaking policies promoting peace and a raft of new initiatives aimed at tackling disadvantage, advancing good relations, securing prosperity through the arts and culture, increased interaction and a growing convergence in public and community engagement continue apace.

As we approach each anniversary no one denies the difficulties, the delayed projects and the harsh words, but hope continues. There is no pulling back the social, economic and environmental changes that are shaping our lives today. Against this backdrop, the Féile an Phobail Debates and Discussion committee invited a mix of community, political and business champions to explore a number of key themes and to examine how further gains can be made.

Our motivation is driven by the objective of providing a platform for local people to tell their story. This is about inspiring optimism and building on it, resetting and reaching new goals, breaking the ceiling and sharing the rewards of our efforts.

Our goal is a more unified and integrated approach to problem solving and relationship building. One that powers more people into positions of understanding, leadership and influence.

Aimed at wider civic, community and political society this series of panel discussions will provide an opportunity for interaction beyond the headlines. Expect more than an exclusive or two across the full spectrum of opinion, analysis and history.

The ongoing political stalemate creates a window for change and the opportunity to do things differently and, hopefully, better. One thing is clear we are all sure that things do not go back to how they once were. Each panel will consolidate the experiences and viewpoints of activists and campaigners from the GFA period with those who are seeking to rationalise similar issues today.

Thematic panel discussions:

  1. Legacy & Reconciliation
  2. Peace Dividend – A Balanced Economy
  3. Rights Based Society
  4. The Next Generation

Panels will be interspersed with keynote addresses from many of the Agreement’s leading architects. We have some fabulous sessions and talents to carry us forward. There’s plenty to be excited about.

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