15 Mar 2018


07:00 PM

The Gibraltar Inquest – Padraig Ó Muirigh in conversation with Barra McGrory QC

Local human rights lawyer, Padraig Ó Muirigh, will interview Barra McGrory QC about the inquests of Mairead Farrell, Dan McCann and Sean Savage in Gibraltar in 1988 and the subsequent legal challenge brought by their families to the European Court of Human Rights. Mr McGrory, whose late father PJ McGrory represented the families of the deceased at the inquest, argued the legal case at the European Court. He will share some anecdotes from these landmark legal cases and will discuss the importance of the McCann v UK (1995) judgment, its implications for the development of the jurisprudence of Article 2 (The Right to Life) of the ECHR, and how the Convention rights have been employed by families who have lost loved ones during our recent conflict.’

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