05 Jun 2018


08:00 AM - 06:00 PM

Exhibition Tours

30-40 minute free tour of the exhibitions based within St Mary’s University College.

Friday 3rd August, 12pm

Saturday 4th August, 1:30pm

Tuesday 7th August, 12pm

Aidan Monaghan

A series of oil paintings that celebrate the character and spirit of local culture. Aidan enjoys working with oil paint and seeks to achieve some of the visceral qualities that can be produced in this medium, which has such a strong tradition both locally and globally.  His paintings draw influence from music, poetry, the landscape, myth, and the paint itself.

Contact: 07712689021 /

St Agnes’s Adult Art Group

A selection of works including landscapes, still life’s and portraits in a range of styles and mediums including oil, acrylic, watercolour, pencil and charcoal.

Contact: 07712689021 /

Transforming Long Kesh/Maze’ Martin Krenn and Aisling O’Beirn

‘Transforming Long Kesh/Maze’ is a collaborative project by Martin Krenn and Aisling O’Beirn, exploring the future of Long Kesh beyond its current state of limbo.

The artists invited individuals and groups, with a first-hand experience of the prison, such as ex-prisoners, former visitors, ex-prison staff and community museums from across the political spectrum to partake. They worked to collaboratively photograph existing prison artefacts or to co-create unique small sculptural objects to reflect participants’ personal experiences of this site. Techniques for creating the new objects include methods traditionally used in making prison art.

A set of postcards are the outcome of the project and will form this exhibition.

Contact: Aisling O’Beirn, 07812214320 /

Angela Burns

In keeping with the theme of global culture for the 2018 Féile an Phobail event, this exhibition explores the intersection of cultural experience as perceived by a migrant in a global context. Comprised of a series of illustrations the artist has used a combination of freehand drawing and computer rendering techniques. The migrant has a different visual perspective of the world. Their reality blends memories of distant places with unique interpretations of the here and now. Their experience is a tension between past and present, and between here and there.  It is the merging of cultures and the transformation of identity.  It involves multiple geographies, cultures, and languages.

Contact: 0090 507 055 9667 / /

An Ciste Infheistíochta Gaeilge

 Ciste has played a vital role in funding a number of Irish language capital investment schemes. Whilst they have been funding and helping to develop new build projects throughout the North, they have over the past few years have had a few specific successes in West Belfast.

The exhibition will chart the various projects including a DVD showing drone footage of the construction and interviews in Irish with some of the key people from the various organisations responsible for securing the funding

Contact: Caoimhin McGiollaMhin, 028 71 264147

Conleth Gent

The artist’s love of wood and working with wood can be clearly seen in each of the unique pieces. He uses figurative elements and occasionally abstract forms.

Currently living and working in Glencullen in the Dublin mountains his work is collected widely in Ireland and abroad and can be found in the private collections of some of Irelands leading artists. University College Dublin purchased one of his works in 2009 for its prestigious Belfield campus collection and Griffith College also has his work on display.

Contact: 00353 0872436759 / /

Crona Gallagher

A series of traditional etchings and dry-points printed using the chine collé method with Japanese Gampi and Italian Fabriano papers. The purpose of this particular exhibition is to explore the avenues of perseverance and adaptation through the animals and plants of our western environment, influenced by the Asian artistry of the Edo period but depicting Irish plants and animals.  The strong warrior spirit to be found in Ireland’s natural world is a thing to be celebrated and held in esteem.

Contact: / 00353 71 98 55530

Tony Bell & David Bell – possible pics to follow

Tony and David are local father and son painters. Tony is a talented artist who has painted portraits of local politicians that now hang in Government buildings. These include portraits of the late Martin McGuinness that now hangs in Stormont as well as former Mayor Arder Carson in Belfast City Hall. David is a local teacher and new artist who has exhibited work in Féile an Earraigh. His paintings exhibit local and international political figures as well as highlighting injustices locally and internationally.

Dr Edward Cooke


The Orange Order is often perceived by intellectuals, academics and the media to be a ‘demonic’ organisation.  The population of West Belfast would also hold strong anti-Orange views based upon their reading of Irish history and their political underpinnings.   However, the Orange Order appears to defy current secular trends and continues to exist whenever there are numerous reasons why it should have faded into the distant past.  As a Protestant / Unionist who was born and raised in West Belfast (on the current site of the Peace-line Gates at Lanark Way), I have a different perspective of the Orange Order, than many of those who will cast their eyes over this photographic exhibition.

The photographs included are of individual men, women and children who are members of the Orange Order.  The viewer is free to conclude looking at the individual involved if they are ‘demonic’ or not.  The individual photographs are untitled, being untitled, the photographs allow each individual to form their own subjective opinions free from the particular bias of the photographer.  (*) Note within this photographic exhibition are also photographs of members of the Royal Black Institution.

Contact: Dr Edward Cooke,

Failte Feirste Thiar’s Belfast 1916 Pop Up Exhibition

In 2016 Fáilte Feirste Thiar & Féile an Phobail undertook to celebrate the participation of Belfast and its people in the 1916 rising. This exhibition shows a series of pop ups books commissioned via the project.

Contact: Joe Austin 02890241100 /

Colin Men’s Shed: ‘Frame It’ – 

Utilising scrap wood and other materials this project has seen participants from the Colin Men’s Shed create their own very unique and personal easels.  The easels, a work of art themselves, will also showcase artwork from the Men’s Shed, created during recent art classes with the Sally Gardens Community Centre.

Part of Féile’s Community Engagement Programme and Supported by Belfast City Council Community Development Project Grant

Frankie Quinn – 1988 West Belfast Photo Exhibition

Born Belfast 1966, Frankie’s work deals with conflict in a social context. He began taking photographs in 1982, documenting the effects of conflict and its aftermath in Ireland and further afield.

Frankie has remained a freelance photographer servicing newspapers, magazines, and books. He has completed three major studies of the Belfast Peacelines spanning their evolution over 30 years and has also extensive work on the Orange Order, the Irish border and an on-going project documenting the Short Strand area of Belfast.

Contact:  07821260883 /

Gerry Armstrong – Poetry             

A collection of poems by local west Belfast man and Féile enthusiast Gerry Armstrong. The poetry is derived from Gerry’s observations of Féile and West Belfast life over the years.

Contact: Tommy Holland Upper Springfield Resource Centre, 028 9058 5755.

Jana Topfer

An emerging self-taught artist originally from Germany.

Drawing and painting portraits is her passion. She strives to create realistic, highly-detailed work inspired by nature as well as the human form, incorporating geometric shapes and designs into her artwork

Contact: 0799006970

Laurence McKeown

Laurence McKeown is an author, playwright, and filmmaker though sees those roles within the broader context of political activism, academia, and the role that the arts can play in both. His exhibition will be garments made from the H-Block prison blanket which has featured in a recent calendar he produced, and will be part of the ‘National Treasures’ exhibition jointly curated by RTÉ and the National Museum of Ireland.

Laura Rossi

Laura Rossi is a multi-talented creative artist who combines visual arts, circus performing and her passion for technology. Her style is going from realistic to more surreal paintings always trying to give a unique perception of visual experience. Her paintings emphasize the contrasts in the global culture. In her painting, Ross The Street Performer, is against what the global culture says: get a job, get a car, get a house. He prefers living day by day and not to be a salary slave. The street is his stage; his show is Grafton Street, in the heart of Dublin; he does that for a living.

Contact: 00353  0871921282 /

Jigsaw NI Group

  1. Hand Painted Umbrella Installation – Jigsaw NI Group from Divis Community Centre have hand painted umbrellas using positive messages and statements aimed at children e.g. Healthy Eating, Love and Respect, Play Outside, Friendly Spiders, Bee Happy Eat Honey, and Welcome in different languages etc.

Venue: An Cultúrlann Foyer



  1. Our theme for the Emoji Project was self-image and making and keeping friends. We worked constantly on personal development in this area equipping the children with more knowledge and understanding of themselves and their behaviours.

Venue: St. Mary’s

  1. ‘Triangles Together Mosaic’ An award winning piece of artwork that was recently exhibited at ‘Queeriosity’

Venue: St. Mary’s

Martin Nangle

International photo journalism exhibition -local and global.  The International Media Panel

Martin Nangle brings an exciting international exhibition of photojournalism to Belfast’s Féile An Phobail for 2018 accompanied by an International Media Panel.

The international photojournalism exhibition brings together photojournalism from Belfast Berlin, Jerusalem, Nicosia, Transylvania and Myanmar/Burma, with excerpts from the local Citizens Wallpaper project. What unites these disparate materials is a focus on ordinary people and their lives. The whole exhibition demonstrates how photojournalism can assist local communities in creating their own artistic visual representations.


Venue: St. Mary’s

Marty Lyons

Prolific West Belfast mural artist, Marty Lyons has been painting murals for the last 36 years on a local and global basis. He has worked all over Ireland, America, Romania, London, Liverpool, Scotland and France. Marty’s work is published worldwide in various books and publications and forms the basis of study for many PHD students. Local and international tourists flock to see the work of these mural painters.

Contact: 07572822061 /

Marwan Mousa

An exhibition of drawings and paintings from Marwan’s experience of the Syrian Refugee camps. Marwan Mousa is a Kurdish Syrian living in Belfast.  In 2013 his family had to leave their home city of Aleppo in Syria due to the war. They were living in a tent in a refugee camp in Kurdistan Iraq before coming here to the North of Ireland in August 2016. He now lives in West Belfast with his family.

“So through this tragedy which was experienced personally, by my whole family and by our whole community my works were born. My art represents the situation that women are going through in Syria and represents the war, killing and oppression we have all faced. However, if we want to have a full picture of the suffering of Syrians we would need thousands of images, pictures, images, stories and writings”

Contact: 07778550630

Mícheál Gallagher


West Belfast artist Mícheál Gallagher has created a series of paintings celebrating the indigenous wildlife of Ireland. This exhibition depicts five of the most reclusive creatures on our island in striking colour. And, to mark 30 years of Féile an Phobail, Mícheál will also be showcasing a bespoke artwork that celebrates the spirit of our community.

Contact or visit (07736111182)

Many Hands Make

To celebrate 30 years of Feile an Phobail, National Museums NI are working with local people to create a textile artwork, inspired by the rich linen heritage of the area and museum collections. This local story, told in fabric will be proudly exhibited in St Mary’s University College throughout the Feile.

Irish linen was the focus for the industrial revolution in the north of Ireland and for many decades the Falls Road was a centre for flax spinning, linen production and a stitching industry. Today, the once mighty buildings that were so important locally, still stand as a memorial to this industrial past.

Patrick Maguire

‘Out From The Darkness’ is the latest exhibition from London based artist Patrick Maguire. One of the Maguire Seven, he was only 13 when he and his family were wrongfully arrested and imprisoned, accused of manufacturing the bombs used in Guildford and Woolwich pubs during the IRA’s bombing campaign in England. Much of Patrick’s artwork is influenced by his experiences at this time. This exhibition includes a number of charcoal, pencil and pastel works by Patrick from 2004 to present, exploring themes of wrongful imprisonment, loss of family, and catharsis. With the recent influx of colour evident in the work, Patrick views this as the end of his ‘Dark Phase’ He says, ‘”For me, my art will be like the child sitting on my shoulder and we are going to paint big canvasses in colour. What I’ve found is that as the darkness has left, the light that is shining in now means that I’ve got untold work to do.”

Contact: 07398215106 /

Peter Fahy

‘Martin McGuiness, an illustrated journey’ is a collection of watercolour and ink illustrations that portray defining moments in the political life of the late Martin McGuinness.  This is an ongoing project, and this set of illustrations explores conflict and the clash of cultures in the 80s and 90s, the political evolution of the North and the advent of the Good Friday Agreement.  The aim is to create a colourful narrative that honours Mr McGuiness’ journey and his contributions to the island of Ireland.

Contact: 07915862123 /

Philip Drake

Drake’s style is (mood) abstract. It has a mind of its own which reflects his emotions from the past and present on any given day.

Contact: 07532103682

Relatives for Justice Remembering Quilt

The Relatives for Justice Remembering Quilt is a project designed by families who wish to remember their loved ones lost through the conflict.  This project involves dedicating a square to the memory of the loved one and is open to all families who have lost as a result of the conflict irrespective of their experience or background.  Telling the story of grief and loss can overwhelm the individual, however through this gentle process families can claim ownership of the relationships they once held dear with their loved ones as they recall positive memories of how their loved one lived.  Deciding on how to design the square facilitates a narrative of the loved one’s life according to the family that loved them.  Families lovingly choose memorabilia and themes that are intimate to them allowing a sense of privacy, dignity and respect for their family member who is no longer here.  Although each square represents the enormity of loss and enduring pain felt by families they also remain a loving testimony to a life lived.  The quilt will be a lasting testimony to the creative dedication of family and friends all over the country who participated in this project.

Contact: Andrea in Relative for Justice 028 90627171 /

The Women’s Quilt

Relatives for Justice is delighted to host The Women’s Quilt with its founder Councillor Roxanne Ellis. With its themes of memory, love and care as well as political statement and challenge this quilt will undoubtedly be an important addition to Féile an Phobail

About the Women’s Quilt

The Women’s Quilt was made to commemorate the 598 women killed by their current/former partner between 2009 and 2015 in the UK. This quilt was founded by Roxanne Ellis who started off this project with a Facebook group. She added a few friends who added a few friends and it soon gained interested. It really was amazing to see men and women working together on this quilt and having patches sent in from all across the world! The Quilt has opened up many personal and important conversations which are now happening between the Quilters and its audiences.

It’s approximately 2 women a week that are killed by a former/current partner (Office of National Statistics, 2015). This is a horrific reality. These women could have been us, they are our mothers, sisters, daughters, friends and colleagues. The Quilt is a reminder that each woman is not just a number but a name. Each patch was made with a lot of love and care to the attention of the woman’s personality. Quite often her own life is overlooked when the media reports her death and instead the media focuses on the murderer and their life. This is a massive travesty that essentially these women are written out of their own stories by the media and are often made a footnote in their own murder. This Quilt is as one of our volunteers said is “the most beautiful thing that shouldn’t exist”.

Contact: Andrea in Relative for Justice 028 90627171 /

Venue: St Mary’s

‘After the Storm’ – Photographic and Painting Exhibition


Relatives for Justice are privileged to facilitate an exhibition created by our members who have been directly impacted by our recent conflict.  It tells a hugely important narrative of those impacted by our conflict through photographs and paintings. The theme ‘After the Storm’ has been expressed in many diverse ways by our painters and photographers alike.


This theme has captured the thoughts and feelings of our members.  Our members have let us witness their work of reflection and growth and give us an insight into the needs of those impacted by conflict.


Whilst this exhibition need no words, our members have written a short paragraph explaining their image.  Each piece expresses their complex stories in beautiful pictures and allows us a better understanding of the needs and expectations in a post-conflict society.

Contact: Andrea in Relative for Justice 028 90627171 /

Venue: St Mary’s

ROGHA: Ring of Gullion Handcrafts and Arts Group Exhibition

A diverse group of twelve visual artists and craft makers living and working in the Ring of Gullion and South Armagh area, providing the opportunity to grow and prosper as creatives living and working in the South Armagh / Ring of Gullion area.

This exhibition responds to the unique location of the Ring of Gullion and South Armagh. Each artist draws a strong influence from the unique natural surroundings,recent and ancient history, cultural heritage, the community and deep attachment to people and place.

Roisin Magee: By the River

Drawings and paintings influenced by walks along the Lagan Towpath to work and the towpath at Ballyskeagh.  The artist is fascinated by how different a river can look each day.  Sometimes the sun’s rays are reflected or a mirror image of the riverbank. She has tried to capture some of this in her artwork.

Contact: 07990708664 /


Seanna Irvine

Solid Wooden Pieces of 3-Legged Stools, Lighting and Decorative Pieces with Celtic Design


Originally from West Belfast, Seanna has been living in Whitehead, County Antrim since 2006. A few years ago he started crafting small wooden inspirational signs as a way to relax. He then realised he wanted to be more creative and to challenge himself and has now progressed to 3-legged stools and coffee tables. All Seanna’s work is from solid wood, usually beech, oak and sometimes ash, which is either locally or sustainably sourced from tree surgeons, timber merchants and sometimes skips (with permission). Having an interest in Celtic design he has recently begun to incorporate this into a few pieces.


Contact: Seanna O’Boyle-Irvine 07719464555  /

Seven Rayed

A series of geometric landscapes based on different locations around the world. Each artwork will be created using the same geometric forms and style to highlight how we may come from very different places but we all can find common ground to celebrate our differences.

Originally from West Belfast Rayed’s work has sold internationally and has featured in joint and solo exhibitions in Wales and Ireland.

Contact: 07895111710  /

Shabnam Vasisht & Cathy Dillon  “A Single Nest”.

A collaboration between an indigenous Irish prose-poet and an Indian-born visual artist. With textile art, paper collages and poems we respond to one another’s work to open a conversation between their two cultures. Shabnam and Cathy attempt to explore both the similarities and the differences between the two countries and offer a commentary on the times.

The title of the exhibition “A Single Nest’ comes from the motto of the school started by Indian poet and Nobel Prize winner, Rabindranath Tagore. The university is called Visva Bharati and its motto is: “Yatra visva bharati ekanidam” – which means “Where the whole world meets in a single nest”.

Contact: 00353 1 289649 /

Stair na Féile

Venue: St. Mary’s

For the past three years, Queens University Belfast, in partnership with Féile an Phobail and an extensive cohort of past and present Féile activists, have been working on a major public participation project to uncover and explore the dynamic and complex history of Féile an Phobail.  Féile is now recognised as one of Europe’s most successful community festivals and Belfast’s most unique, iconic and authentic cultural offering. This Stair na Féile exhibition has been co-created and curated through the archival material and memorabilia gathered from and provided by the Féile community in West Belfast.

Stuart Borthwick

Photographic exhibition of Miltown Cemetery

Milltown Cemetery is a special place. With the Black Mountain as its backdrop, and steeped in history, it is particularly evocative at dawn. When the sun rises over the East of the city and bathes each sculpture in a golden light, the place has a quiet tranquillity that is treasured by many in West Belfast.

This exhibition will feature 20 photographs taken in the cemetery in the hours after dawn over the last decade.

Stuart Borthwick is an academic, author and photographer from Liverpool. In 2015, he published The Writing on the Wall: A Visual History of Northern Ireland’s Troubles (Bluecoat Press). Stuart donated his first royalties from The Writing on the Wall jointly to The Bobby Sands Trust for the upkeep of the famous Bobby Sands mural on Sevastapol Street and to the Ex-Prisoners Interpretative Centre (EPIC), a Loyalist charity, for their educational work.

Thomas McMullan

In March 1998, just weeks before the signing of the Good Friday Agreement, the first edition of the North Belfast News rolled off the presses, promising to be a voice and a vehicle for the people of the area.

Following in the footsteps of its sister paper, the Andersonstown News, that voice was immediately raised: in defence of those long ignored by the established media and in support of the fledgling peace process.

Working on that first edition was photographer Thomas McMullan, who remains a stalwart of the paper today and who, over the past two decades, has chronicled the development of post-GFA Belfast.

A life-long resident of the area, Thomas’ body of work possesses a familiarity and intimacy that softens even the hardest of edges, his award-winning photographs fully encompassing life in a northern part of town.


Triskele Artists Group Exhibition

Title: Áit Eile – Legends of the Otherworlds.

Áit Eile is three-person show based on the exploration of ancient myths and legends through art, with North-West artists Sinéad Smyth, Stephen Shaw and John Kavanagh, who have come together under the name Triskele artists. Each artist has interpreted the theme in their own style and brings alive the ancient myths and legends through a medium of their choice.

Contact: Stephen Shaw /

Wayne Francois  Transcend

A self-taught artist who draws on the rich culture of his native Barbados. Inspired by Caribbean artist Rupert Piggott and by what he describes as the wonders of life through his daughter’s existence. Now living in Belfast’s diverse society, Wayne has a new, different kind of influence and has fully embedded himself in his new home of art. He is fascinated by the ‘social commentary’ it provides.  He feels he’s producing very thought-provoking work.

Transcend – the theme of this exhibition – is a mix of abstract and neo-expressionism paintings.


West Belfast Arts Society

The West Belfast Arts Society had its’ beginnings in the Falls Library over 25 years ago. It consistently encourages the visual arts and bringing amateur artists together, through an annual calendar of events. They are always open to new membership.

Contact Details: Sean McErlean 07484669818



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